Africa has plenty to offer for those who dream of an ultimate beach vacation. Secluded islands and gorgeous beach stretches along Atlantic, Indian Oceans as well as Mediterranean and Red seas welcome the beach enthusiasts!

africa-beachAfrica is famous for its astonishing beaches. On the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean coastlines, the continent was endowed with amazingly beautiful shores. The warm waters of the oceans and seas lap the whole Africa. The chilly waters of the Atlantic make absolutely different vibration, and most of the trendiest beaches are located on the west coast of Africa.

If you're looking for a sun-drenched beach under a clear sky then visit Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa or any other African country in your trip and remember to check the best season  to go the beach.

The beaches of Southern Africa are beautiful and, from about late-November to the end of March, the weather is magnificent. During this period of time the beaches offer the possibility for a very splendid vacation.

Between May and October the Southern Africa’s weather isn't at its warmest. But you may go to the heavenly islands of southern Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago and spend there incredible holidays. Here you may enjoy some of distant islands with palm-edged beaches and a few little, secluded lodges. These comfortable escapes are easily accessible by flights from almost all parts of the continent.

From July through February the weather is perfect on the shoreline of Tanzania. Here the Zanzibar Archipelago takes its pride in some of the best African beaches; stunning stretches of white sand edged with palm trees. Here you will find a huge range of hotels and lodging places; where everybody will find something suitable from luxury all-encompassing resorts to private islands and simple, cheap beach escapes.

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