An ideal getaway for those who are looking for serene and exotic beaches. Find out what are the main beach destinations on the largest continent - from Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean.

asian-beachesIf you dream to escape to a place where you could idea of calmly lie on a beach drenched in the sun, then Asia is the perfect holiday destination for you. Here you will find the enormous amount of choice. And it is impossible to rank one vacation destination above another, as each beach has its own special features.

When choosing the place to go, you should remember about one thing and that is the season. The range of options overlaps the equator, therefore destinations in the north are hot and wet, while in the south it is cool and dry. And that is the best time to go to the beaches in Thailand, Cambodia or the west shore of Malaysia about November to February, whilst the beach season in Bali is from June through August.

Asia has plenty of sand and tides to offer. Asia boasts of great amount of islands and beaches. The sub-tropical coasts of Korea and the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean the islands and the Mediterranean shore of West Asia, all that offer resorts, leisure and adventure in excess.

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