Australia boasts numerous beaches providing world class surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. And if you are looking for a place to have a laid-back vacation, you may spend it here as well.

australia-beachAustralia caters too many incredible beaches, providing some of the world's greatest surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course just lying on soft sand drinking some cool beverages or whatever. During the best season the sun is hot, the sea is cool and the drinks are cold.

Large, pure, soft sandy Australia beaches are located all the way up the east coast and the country boasts some of the most outstanding and popular world’s locations.

Coastal beaches obtain significant surf so calm floating is not usually a variant, however they usually slope softly so children could still enjoy the waters while experienced swimmers often go beyond the surf line.

The waters of Sydney area beaches are not actually warm, even in the middle of summer, but the temperatures near the Gold Coast are rather fine.

Some of the best sites on Australia beaches are taken by clubs, where you can get great food and drinks in addition to superb sceneries and are frequented by foreign guests, so you should take proof of foreign residence and you will be welcomed to the best spot in the area.

There is no reason in lying in the sun at midday at Australian beaches, as the main result of that will be wrinkles, sagging skin and an unpleasant red highlight to your tan. It is reasonable to sunbath before 11am and after 3pm that will brown you up more smoothly and lastingly.

Best time to visit South East Coast (Sydney) - Central East (Brisbane/Gold Coast) is November-April for swimming and surfing, however the water is not warm even then, and sunshine is not assured either, particularly in the Sydney area. Bluebottles usually visit during this season, especially if there's breeze aground.

Best time to head for North East Coast (Cairns & Great Barrier Reef islands) is April-Nov is best for swimming. It is rather hot (above 26C) all year round, but from January to March the weather becomes a bit rainy and the sky is clouded while during December-January it is crowded and too heated. Scuba divers prefer to come here from September to December.

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