Visit the country of beaches and constant relaxation - Brazil. Check out the most renowned cities and beaches and find out more about them.
brazil-beachBrazil is all-year beach destination, but that does not concern its southern part. Try to avoid visiting Brazil during summer holiday (that is Dec-Feb) as it is the time of school holidays and Carnival (of course, if it is not the main attraction for you!) because the domestic transportation and lodgings are usually expensive and rather difficult to find.

In addition the summer (Dec-Feb) temperatures can rise to 40C. Best time to visit Brazil is March - May and September-November.

Commonly the sand here is white and excellent, cost is low and people are nice. You should be rather careful as the water is actually the Atlantic Ocean, and that means that it often will be a bit rough, with strong currents, and rather chilling, unless the beach is shielded by a reef. Beware as many tourists who haven’t paid attention to the current have drowned!

The city of Natal lures the visitors to its fabulous beaches and incredibly warm waters. Check out with what the city can please you.

Rio de Janeiro
Dream to see Rio as it is? Then read about its most popular and world renowned beaches and experience what it is like to live in the paradise!

Other Top Brazil Beaches
The most famed Brazilian beach stretches are at your fingertips. Look through what Sao Paolo as well as Florianopolis have to offer.