Colombia is one of the most incredible beach destinations in South America. With its Pacific Ocean and Caribbean coasts this country lures tourists from all over the world to enjoy its authentic culture, marvellous sceneries and unrivalled beach vacation.

colombia-beachesColombia has beaches on both the Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific Coast. It boasts of a huge coastline to explore and many very beautiful beaches.

The coast of Caribbean is the most frequented by travellers, and the beautiful colonial city of Cartagena, a must see on all vacations to Colombia. This city undoubtedly has it’s share of beautiful cultural attractions, but it’s beaches are rather overcrowded, and the sea is not so clear. Santa Marta is one of Colombia’s most popular beach resorts. It is particularly popular with Colombian tourists, and can get rather crowded in domestic tourism season. Many backpackers choose to stay at the smaller, more peaceful fishing village of Taganga which is just outside of town.  

La Guajira Peninsula is a fascinating place to visit, and there’s some amazing beaches. This province is populated almost entirely by indigenous Wayuu Indians. The scenery is almost entirely of deserts, and the beaches are huge, and free of anyone other than local fishermen. 

The coastline west of Cartagena is less visited by travellers, but still remarkably beautiful. 
Pacific Coast of Colombia is a rather remote region, and unfortunately many areas are not currently safe to visit. Nuqui and Bahia Solano are deemed to be relatively safe. First is one of Colombia’s best surfing spots, while the second is particularly popular for deep sea fishing. Both of them have some lovely long and empty beaches, and whale watching is amazing during the months of July to October.

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