Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic takes pride in numerous places, where beach enthusiasts may enjoy the warm waters and palm-fringed sandy stretches. Read here about plenty of spots for spend your Caribbean vacation.

dominicanIf there is one place in the Caribbean with inexpensive resorts and sugar-white beaches, it is the Dominican Republic. The destination is romantic, a fantastic place to go with the family and it's one of the fastest growing attractions in the Caribbean.
Dominican Republic’s beaches are unspoiled Caribbean jewels that sparkle in the island sun. There are over 800 miles of magnificent coastline where vacationers will be spoiled for choice.

The town of Puerto Plata is one of the island's most popular beach destinations. Almost all the visitors who travel here only come for the luscious beaches and when they arrive they are overwhelmed to say the least. The white sands and turquoise waters are enough to have any vacationer’s eyes light up. These waters are home to a small offshore coral reef which is just brilliant for snorkeling and will provide a once in a lifetime experience only available here at Puerto Plata.

If you would like to try windsurfing in the Dominican Republic, head to the northern coast of the island, most notably Cabarete. It has incredibly attractive sands with a steady cool wind making it perfect for windsurfing and getting the traditional beach feel.

Located in the Samana Peninsula, Samana is another popular beach location on the island. From December to March you may enjoy the exceptional weather and watch the snowy white sands disappear into the background, on whale watching excursions into the crystal clear waters, whilst where whales can be spotted mating and calving.

But wherever you're going in the Dominican Republic, whether your staying next to a beach or looking for one close by, you will be spoilt for choice at the Dominican republic and each beach will leave you with a different experience.

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