Ecuador boasts some of the greatest beach stretches not only in the South America but in the whole world as well. Relish the incredible beach vacation here, salsa and delicious cuisine.
ecuador-beachEcuadorian shoreline boasts some of the world's most gorgeous beaches, incredible national parks, rich archaeological past, great choice for adventure tourists, and an amazing cultural mixture that enchants all.

In the country’s main coastal cities and towns, for example, Guayaquil, Manta, and Salinas, there are lots of excellent restaurants, bars, and cafés, charming museums, where you can learn more about Ecuador's incredible history, odorous botanical gardens and serene parks, and some of South America's greatest night sites, where you can make fun and dance salsa or merengue till dawn.

On the stunning beaches at Ecuador’s more smooth coastal destinations, for instance,   Montañita, Bahía, and Atacames, you can work on your suntan, train surfing, and swim all day while waiting for the banquet of appetizing local cuisine that you may try at the seashore cabañas. An excursion to La Isla de la Plata, the Galapagos Islands for marine animals and wildlife, offers a remarkable trip with sea lions and observe humpback whales.

Ecuador’s stretch of shore is some of South America's most impressive. No matter what you prefer: bike, surf, sail, paraglide, scuba dive, or snorkel, Ecuador is the destination where you can practice or learn that. 

Explore the following  Ecuador's provinces in search of the best option for you.

Esmeraldas is some of the most beautiful provinces in Ecuador that boasts amazingly gorgeous beaches and nature itself as well as welcoming locals.
Guayas is among Ecuador's provinces with well-developed tourist infrastructure and offers lots of lodging and dining facilities. The diversity of beach destinations, some of the best in the country, welcomes vacationers with different demands and incomes.
Manabi is the place where you can relish the unspoiled beaches and archaeology, as well as wildlife observing. Find out more about beaches in this Ecuador's province and different activities available to diversify your vacation.