Here you may read about vacationing in Egypt and the main attractions of the country. Check out the best places to go to enjoy your beach holidays.

egyptDream of visiting distant lands? Want to feel that you really get from it all and experience the sensation that you have come to be in the ancient Babylon with everybody around talking unfamiliar languages? Tired of routine? Then pack all the necessary stuff (try not to exceed 20kg) and head for Egypt, the country of the richest history, the haven for devoted divers and home of mesmerizing sceneries.

Tips for the first comers
• Never say that you a first comer! Especially to the cab drivers, sellers and street tour agents.
• Prior to visiting learn some general facts about the country: currency, some words in Arabic (even some foul words).
• Always bargain. Of course, there are places with fixed prices but that does not usually refer to souvenir, jewelry shops, as well as agencies offering safari, snorkeling and other tours.
• Beware of the traffic. No rules, you’ll see. So be very careful!
• Take lots of sunscreen when going on snorkeling tour. And use it, no really!
• Check the battery of your mobile phone and camera prior to tour or any trip where you may need operating equipment.
• When taking a cab, agree upon the price before getting started.
• Take some warm clothes. You’re in the desert, remember? It’s getting quite chilly here with the sunset. Add the wind. So take a warm sweater or jacket.

templeTrue Egyptian Souvenirs: cartouche, papyrus, various portrayals and statues of the Egyptian pantheon and sacred animals.
Other Recommendations: hookah (it’s much cheaper here), discs with folk music, Arabic folk clothes, hand-made jewelry and accessories (but be attentive when choosing as many of such stuff was actually manufactured somewhere in the Indochina region, but is said to be made by Bedouins or local craftsmen.

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