The Old World offers some of the best beach vacation in the world. If you tend to have a laidback holiday in the quaint atmosphere of the European majestic surroundings, then explore the category in search of the best beach options for you.
europe-beachWaters of European seas are actually calm, chaste and pure. The history of the countries with shores surrounded by the Med are essentially connected with this majestic Sea and today those countries are some of the most luring and charming countries in the world where you may spend a perfect holiday.

The European beaches relish the matchless Mediterranean climate that offers long hot and mild summer days and balmy short winter months. Here in Europe one may be charmed by the small fishing villages that almost have not changed for the last hundreds of years and where you can have dinner in the evening and observe the sun going down into the sea.

Perfect whitewashed towns are dotted along the Mediterranean coast and you can ply from town to village and relish the diverse places, sounds and scents. Today the European coastline infrastructure is well-developed and tourists can relish some incredible luxury beach resorts providing a full range and profusion of nightlife, day-time excitement and evening leisure options.

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