Dream of breathtaking stretches of coast with soft sand, calm and tranquil waters and exotic sunshine? Spellbinding India has it all and welcomes all the beach enthusiasts!
india-beachNumerous sun-longing tourists come to India because it amazingly has the most diverse selection of beaches. Serene sea waters and lagoons, bays and rough lava-rocked seas, marine deltas with fish, roaring surf, soft golden sand or palm edged coasts - unbelievable India has them all.

West Coast with the Arabian Sea as well as East Coast with the Bay of Bengal cater many a lush views to the tourists. The beach resorts along the coasts of India offer their own seafood cuisine, tranquil spas, diving and other water sport facilities and perfect places to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Kovalam certainly is among the best India's beach resorts. The long shoreline fringed with waving coconut palm trees spotted with a rare fishing village is turning into one of the world's most incredible number of beaches. The sea encloses the beach temple in Mahabalipuram, majestically loomed against the spectrum of the sky colors. Puri, located on the East Coast, is definitely one of the world's most charming beaches. And there is also Digha, a marvelous beach, wonderful in its seclusion.

The beach vacation that will become your life-lasting memory should be spent in the Isles of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep, where the countless colors of the striking fish in the coral reefs from above the turquoise waters.

Goa is one of the most incredible beach destinations in India. Its beaches are world famous for their exotic surroundings and vivid nightlife.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is one of the most admired world's beach destinations. Discover sandy beaches, water purity and many other attractions of the island.