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Romania offers its visitors some of the most incredible beach vacation options. The laid-back resorts at the Black Sea coast offer excellent conditions and amenities. Here you may get the information about some of the most frequented and outstanding beaches and resorts in Romania.

Mamaia is one of the biggest seaside tourism resorts in Romania which boasts of one of the most attractive tourist beaches from the southern part of the Romanian Black Sea Coast. The spot lies close to Constanta city on a narrow sand bar of about 250-350 m width and 8.5 km beach length between Siutghiol Lake (in the west) and the Black Sea (in the east).

One of Romania's largest cities, Constanta has been built on and around a promontory of land extending into the Black Sea, which has allowed it to shield ships from the strong winds that blow along the seacoast.

Constanta offers many options for accommodation, from high quality hotels to rooms in private apartments. The city boasts two beaches: "Modern" beach - next to the Tomis Port and the Old Casino and "Trei Papuci" beach, in the northern part of the city, close to Mamaia.

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