South America
Check out the most fabulous and famed beaches in South America. The most secluded or most popular ones, all are at your fingertips.

south-americaIf you are planning an active vacation: there are amazing options in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina; you can explore the biggest rainforest and the longest world’s river in Brazil as well as great wildlife almost all over the continent.

Every January the beaches in South America get ready for a new season of sun. Airlines provide new charges and more flights to urban beach places such as Salinas, Manta, Esmeraldas or Copacobana and many others are filled with visitors in the summer and on holidays and weekends and provide tranquility and enjoyment. The countries invest their money to make the tourist infrastructure better, offering more varied the choices, and providing comforts of all types. Golden sands, constant sunshine, samba, parties; all that is at very reasonable costs and makes South American beaches some of the world’s best.

If you dream of escaping the urban surroundings, there's lots of more rural places. Many of South America beaches are located near small towns and fishermen villages who throw their nets before dawn. Such beaches are all serene, sunny beaches that offer an enjoyable climate all year round.

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