Spain is one of the most popular world's beach destinations. A great number of Spanish beaches recieved the blue flag for water purity, and most of them boast superb lodging, dining as well as entertaiment facilities.

spain-beachSpain welcomes about 50 million tourists from all over the globe annually. There are lots of attractions in Spain, and beaches are among the main. From the west part of the region of Andalusia in southern Spain right to the northeastern Mediterranean area of Catalonia there are lots of great sandy beaches offering something for everyone.

The northern areas have some striking shore sites as well and great beaches but are less visited as many of the tourists wanting a tan (Mediterranean beach resorts are commonly warmer). There are many rocky areas mainly suitable for those who prefer the outdoor activities.

Also Spain has lots to offer those who enjoy sightseeing and dream to view majestic Moorish architecture as a result of the Arabic conquest of the country between the 8th - 15th centuries, which are located almost all over Spain.

Calahonda Beach
Calahonda beach is one of the most popular beach destinations for tourists. Top equipment facilities, splendid water, dining and lodging conditions are its main attractions.
Casa Blanca Beach
Casa Blanca Beach offers its visitors plenty of options and activities. The beach was rewarded the blue flag for its water conditions.
Guadalmina Beach
Guadalmina beach is some of the most beautiful beach destinations in Spain. It caters a great variety of accommodation, dining facilities as well as superb sanitory conditions.
La Bajadilla Beach
La Bajadilla Beach is a place with a relaxed atmosphere that caters all needed amenities. The beach also gained the blue flag for its water conditions.
La Venus Beach
La Venus beach is among the best ones in Spain with great facilities. It was granted the blue flag.